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Deegan Fox up and rising artist with a vision of combining science, engineering, mystery, riddle and literature. Imagine walking into a mysterious long hall with drawings and diagrams mixed with riddles. Looking down the hall, a large cyclindar, a cage protects a copper book with the same riddles, drawings and diagrams.  You- the museum attendee- realizes this hall is a riddle to be solved by you, and the cage is to be opened- somehow by you.  You have all the hints.  Imagine your enjoyment of solving a mystery will surrounded by art, meaningful art full of messages for you to decode.   

This is the experience Deegan Fox provides for his audience, those who have been fortunate enough to find his work hidden in the middle of Montana, Great Falls Montana.   

Join us today for a new appreciation of art, mystery, and science.  

Dr. Carol Francis can be reached at 310-543-1824 or at drcarolfrancis.com.  Deegan Fox's contact information will be discussed in the first few minutes of the interview as well or he can be contacted through drcarolfrancisshow@gmail.com. 

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Find Your Friggin' Joy, by Author, Stunt Driver, Dolphin Swim Guide, Hypnotherapist, Belinda Farrell

Belinda Farrell is an authority on JOY and RECOVERY having survived the suicide of her son, loss of fortune, healing from an incurable medical condition.  Overcoming each major life challenge, she is fierce about recovery, transformation and deeper JOY.  Belinda's unflinching solutions inspire her newest boo, "Find Your Friggin Joy."  

Belinda enhances client's life performance by ancient Hawaiian teachings: the missing links to cleaning the Soul's Plaque and reaching your Higher Self. She uses several body-mind healing modalities in private sessions, customized training, and public speaking. She is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, a Reconnective Healing™ Practitioner Level III, and a Huna practitioner and healer. Visit Belinda’s website: http://www.HunaHealing.com

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DSM-5 What is Your Mental Health Diagnosis Look Like?

DSM-5 is the new manual suggested by the American Psychiatric Association to be used to diagnose your mental health, your psychological problems, or your emotional issues.  Your insurance reimbursements likely will be determined by what codes your therapist, counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist will use on your insurance forms.  

What does this new manual actually mean for you as a person who is trying to evòlve your happiness or resolve issues of unhappiness, depression, anxiety or stress?

Dr. Carol Francis provides you a synopsis for you to consider, positive and ponderous and puzzling. This discussion may prove pertinent to your children, insurance reimbursement and the professional assistance with your family's emotional well-being.  

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Dave McDowell Reaching Least, Last and Lost in Darfur
Safe Harbor for a Police Outreach to Third World Countries

Dr. Carol Francis interviews Dave McDowell, a police officer from Oregon who helps police officers in East Africa create justice, fairness, and safety.    Dave McDowell, in conjunction with many other police officers and professionals who volunteer with Safe Harbor help families, children, medical professionals, and parents receive needed assistance and protection in troubled countries of East Africa such as Sudan, Uganda, Darfar.  Dave McDowell's journeys and stories will inspire many to help and others to compassionately understand the complications of East African citizens of all ages.  

Dave McDowell is from Bend, Oregon and the Director of International Police Training & Outreach at Safe Harbor International Relief.  For more information - Dave McDowell is available on LinkedIn.  McDowell works in conjunction with Safe Harbor International.  McDowell's organization is accessible at this link:  http://www.policeoutreach.com/you_can_help.aspx

Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist and Marriage Family & Child Therapist dedicates this and all programs to encourage each of us to Make Life Happen NOW! Helping when we can and never falling short of being all we can be in the short time we have here.   Dr. Carol Francis services South Bay Area of the Los Angeles County in Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, El Segundo, San Pedro, Long Beach- California.  Call 310-543-1824 for one-to-one session on line or in person only.  drcarolfrancis.com.

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Stress, Anxiety, Depression vs. Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy with Hypnotist Dr. Thorance Twetan

Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist in the Los Angeles and Beach Cities area, has 35 years experience helping women and men, children and teenagers rise above depressions, anxiety and stress and grasp their deeper inner self-respect and self-expression.

Tools which help individuals move to peaceful, powerful, resonant self-respect and dynamic self-expression involves mindful living, meditation, creating sacred space in one's environment and in one's soul.  

These effective tools, which correspond with evidence based psychotherapies of Western Medicine and Psychology and Eastern Medicine and Mysticism will be discussed and EXPERIENCED with Dr. Francis and Professional Guests, Mary O'Maley and Dr. Thorance Twetan.

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Research and Evidence of Past Life Regression Therapeutic Help

Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera

Past Life Regression Therapy is explored today with researcher Dr. Friedman Rivera.   After undergoing physical and spiritual healing during a past life regression therapy session (PLR), Dr. Heather S. Friedman Rivera began to look for aggregate data to support what she and thousands of others experienced. Noticing an abundance of anecdotal accounts and a lack of aggregate data, she decided to author “Healing the Present from the Past: The Personal Journey of a Past Life Researcher” (published by Balboa Press, 2012) which enlightens readers about PLR research, techniques, process, narratives and comparative analysis. 

Dr. Carol Francis investigates the techniques, outcome, and fascinations which surround the narratives and data associated to Pals LIfe Regression Therapy during this 60 minute show. 

Dr. Carol Francis, drcarolfrancis.com, is a California Clinical Psychologist in Torrance, Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and surrounding communities.  Questions and comments at Facebook: Dr. Carol Francis Show. 

Book by Dr. Heather Friedman Rivera about Past LIfe Regression--“Healing the Present from the Past”

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 176 pages | ISBN 9 781452564487

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 176 pages | ISBN 9 781452564463
E-Book | 176 pages | ISBN 9 781452564470
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Heather S. Friedman Rivera is a registered nurse for over 20 years. Moreover, she has her Ph.D. in Parapsychic Science and her J.D. in law.  Additionally, she is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression. She speaks, coaches and holds workshops on past life regression and has authored many articles on chronic illness. Rivera lives in Huntington Beach, Calif., with her husband and Science Adviser, Mark.

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Blackfeet Tribal Council Faces Whether to Sacrifice the Beauty and Health of their Montana Lands for the promised Moneys of Oil Companies Who Wish to Hydraulically Fracture – Destroy – the Blackfeet Reservations in Montana.

Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show interviews a prime peaceful activist Woman, Pauline Matt, who on August 5-12, 2012 will Walk a Peaceful Protest Against Hydraulic Fracturing the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.

Fracking, Hydraulic Fracturing, kills the land, animals, plants by poisoning the waters.

Every country must face that raping any land or fresh water source for money is wrong. Yet money buys blindness. Money buys mindless cooperation.

Can money buy Blackfeet Tribal Councils?  Will temporary poverty or the promise of money allow permanent damage of the land, Dr. Carol Francis asks?

Will the Blackfeet Tribal Council allow their amazingly rich soil be destroyed by Fracking? The Blackfeet Reservation in Northern Montana is filled with medicinal plants, endangered animals, and fresh underground rivers. The loss of that land would be tradgic. 

Pauline Matt 's next clear statement to the USA will occur as she walks to Chief Mountain. She will walk from August 5-12, 2012 with these alert and aware citizens. Join her by donating to Glacier Two Medicine Alliance, P.O. Box 181 East Glacier, MT 59434 or call 406-338-3016. You can vote your support on Facebook at Chief Mountain Water Walk or Blackfeet Women Against Fracking. You can contact Pauline Matt als at realpeopleh@gmail.com.

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Dr. Steve G. Jones: Astral Projection, Out-Of-Body Experiences, OBE, Hypnotherapy, NLP

Dr. Steve G. Jones, Master Hypnotherapist, Master of NLP explores with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Hypnosis.  These tools enhance ones mental or spiritual capacity to travel through time and space.  These experiences expand people's powers to live effectively and excitingly. Dr. Steve G. Jones has developed a highly effective training program to advance these skills at  theartofastralprojection.com.

"Once any person experiences Astral Projection or Remote Viewing verified by objective data, that person realizes that they do not need to live powerlessly or as a victim of life's burdens," suggests Dr. Carol Francis.  "So, Dr. Steve G. Jones will help each of us move into our power to live even more effectively by using these amazing tools of Astral Projection."  

Dr. Steve G. Jones is also founder of American Alliance of Hypnotists, American University of NLP, and Global Sciences Foundation.  His doctorate in education is from Georgia Southern University.  He empowers millions with over a thousand CDs, instructional courses and self-help materials.  

Dr. Steve G. Jones can be reached at SteveGJones.com.  Relevant materials include his CDs on Astral Projections, 12 Strand DNA Activation, Kundalini Activation.  

Dr. Carol Francis, founder Soul Journey Tools (souljourneytools.com) and author of many books including "Spiritual Gurus, Spiritual Paths: Your Choice" helps individuals move beyond perceived limits.  In addition to being a Clinical Psychologist for over 32 years, she is trained in Shamanism, Reiki, NLP, Hypnotherapy, as well.  Dr. Carol Francis can be reached through drcarolfrancis.com, 310-543-1824.

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Akiane Kramarik, Amazing Child Artist 
 Depth of Talent and Soul Unparalleled.    

Dr. Carol Francis interviews Child Prodigy Artist Akiane Kramarik a modern artist interviewed by more journalists than most because her history, artwork and message exceeds the extra-ordinary. 

Akiane Kramarik, age 18 as of this July 17, 2012 interview with Dr. Carol Francis, shares the wisdom of her years.  Since age 4, she has learned from her visions, transcendent experiences, and creative art expressions.  She has benefited from the uniqueness of a family who received her talents and messages with wonder and opportunity.

She endures the controversies of those imposing dogmas or jealous criticism with a gracious understanding that each has a path to pursue and to understand.  She also wishes that viewer of her large canvas creations could feel the messages embedded in each acrylic stroke of her brush or every morsel of her dusty chalks.  

Her interviews with Oprah, Paster Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral, Diane Sawyer, CNN etc, ranging from age 9 to the present, portray the graciousness of her spirit and her eagerness to explain that sophistocation of understanding and artwork may actually lie in the perpetual wonder of sublime curiosity.  

Within this interview Akiane and Dr. Carol Franci explore Akiane's transcendent experiences while painting.  Heaven and the after-life are explored.  Dogma vs. freedom to explore and wonder also are addressed.  Akiane explains her current perspectives on being a teen without cynicism.  Akiane grasps the extraordinaire which dwells in every cell of every living being, every person and wishes others could enjoy their amazing being as well. 


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Scientific Hand Analysis with Linda Salazar, Life Coach & Relationship Coach

Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, explores Scientific Hand Analysis with expert Linda Salazar.  Is this Palm Reading?  Is Scientific Hand Analysis able to enhance your relationships, business decisions, happiness? 

Linda Salazar is an expert in Scientific Hand Analysis as well as Relationship Coach. In this program, Salazar Scientific Hand Analysis, "A remarkable technique which also accelerates a client's uncovering of the true life purpose, life lessons and guidance, and personality gifts individuals may not know they had." Salazar has authored Awakening the Genie Within, Manage Your Emotions and Bring Out the Best of Who You Are, Parents in Love: Reclaiming Your Intimacy After Your Child is Born.

Contact Linda Salazar for sessions, Hand Analysis, scheduled classes, Relationship Coaching at 310-375-4800, yourheartinyourhands.com, Linda@yourheartisinyourhands.com

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Co-Dependence, Real Love, Your Whole Identity, 
Meditation Relief with Dr. Carol Francis

Dr. Carol Francis on Co-Dependence and the YIKES of chained relationships.

Loving yourself can be tricky.   You could become dangerously enamored with yourself to the point of blind self-centeredness.  Or perhaps you could excuse yourself from honest blame and guilt and live ignorant about the harm and pain you cause others by inconsiderateness or self-centeredness.  You could think you are the center of the Universe and therefore the center of everyone else's world as well.  

ON the other had, Self-Love could be the avenue toward freedom to be all you have the talent and make-up to become.  You could benefit those around you with your growing self love and freedom and self-evolution so that their lives too would be enriched, because you loved yourself enough to be your best and make healthy choices and took worthy paths.  

Another questions is how to love yourself when loving and giving to yourself seems to interfere with you giving to another person what they seem to need from you.   Is there truly a competition between you and them for your time, attention, resources and well-being?  

When is helping others an act of love, unconditional love, humane love or healthy love?  When is helping others an expression of   self-hatred and self-rejection?  When is giving to others mere people pleasing, fear, avoidance of rejection or abuse, compliance or co-dependence?  

What is healthy Self-Love and what is healthy Love of Others?

Explored today by Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Hypnotherapist Dr. Carol Francis 310-543-1824 of Torrance, CA, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Manhattan Beach, CA, Redondo Beach, CA, Hermosa Beach, CA.   Call in for comments or email or Facebook your thoughts:  DrCarolFrancisShow@gmail.com or Facebook: DrCarolFrancisShow  For consultations appointments:  310-543-1824.  

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Evolving Women's Consciousness by Dr. Carol Francis

Death, Dying, Aging, Dementia, Near-Death Experience, After Death Experiences with Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis

Aging and dying parents, chronically ill family members, or those dying as accident victims each face death in a progressive manner, not a sudden manner.  As a consequence, those family members or friends who are present to help their dying relative or friend pass-over ... die... are left in the confusion and uncertainty as to how to help their loved-one face that they are dying and how progress into their death as peacefully or positively as is possible..  

Helping each dying person through doubt, anxiety, fear, confusion, disorientation, dementia like reactions, and saying goodbye is the focus of this radio program.  

This radio show is dedicated to examining issues of 1) discussing death, 2) facing dying process, 3) yielding and not yielding into the dying process, 4) near-death-experiences and research, 4) visions of the dying, 5) steps to easing the anxiety of dying, 6) facing our own mortality as we assist our loved-one in their death, 7) morning the loss and absence, 8) facing guilt and regret, 9) optimizing the process of dying, 10) preparing for financial concerns, burial, funeral, 11) moving on.

Dr. Carol Francis, Clinical Psychologist with expertise in Body, Mind, Spirit issues including death, dying, and living life richly. 310-543-1824 for questions and appointments.  For description of dying process, after-death experiences or near death experiences - drcarolfrancisshow@gmail.com.    

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Re-Uniting Soldiers with Their Families, 

by Dr. Carol Francis

Marathon Bombings, Campus Shootings, Theatre Massacres - WHY?  Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis Ponders some Research

Scarey and harsh reality of human cruelty, stupid or senseless killings, terrorist retaliations, imitations of movie drama horrors, power play massacres--what is happening in this Spring of 2013?

North Korea flexes its nuclear devastation threats against the US, South Korea and Japan.  Could it happen?  A university student shoots multiple rounds into movie-goers night out in the Batman movie release.  It did happen.  Christmas shopping is disrupted by masked armed teenagers, thieves, and bombs planted.   Why are such threats a part of life in the United States now or in the Middle East for centuries or in European countries for decades?  

The violent and threatening profile of human nature and human existence is considered during this show.  Also, what remedies pragmatically might be considered for parents, teachers, politicians, religious leaders, corporate CEO to implement is pondered as well.  Listeners make comments, contributions, solutions, and ideas at drcarolfrancisshow facebook.   

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7 Psychological Key TOOLS for MONEY MINDFULNESS

Seven psychological aspects of making money will be discussed by Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis today.  Additionally, 7 lies we use to discourage ourselves from making money or managing our financies wisely will be delineated.  Several keys associated to Prosperity Thinking will be shared as well.  Spirituality, mindfulness, generosity, meditative, manifesting and intentionality as associated with making money and financial wealth are delineated.  Dr. Carol Francis can be reached for one-on-one Skype or in person sessions at 310-543-1824 or drcarolfrancis.com.  

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Vincent Leleux - Healing Energy, Healing Session to Heal Your Body, Soul, Emotions.  Vincent Leleux a Belgium and London

Vincent Leleux's classes which state he can help you heal your body and the mind and open your doors to riches, conducts a healing session for listeners with Dr. Carol Francis being the recepient for all to vicarious grow and be healthy and rich.  Join the fun, the seriousness, the enlightenment of Vincent Leleux' class.  

Vincent Leleux can be reached and followed through Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/vincentleleux  for more questions, healing sessions and on-line classes.  

Dr. Carol Francis can be reached at drcarolfrancis.com or 310-543-1824 for sessions on Skype, phone or face-to-face.  She services the Los Angeles and Los Angles South Bay Area inclusive of Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, San Pedro, Rolling Hills Estates, Hermosa Beach, Carson, Wilmington, Long Beach and surrounding areas.  Be well, be whole, be enriched, be enriching!

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Wanless on Tarot, Kennedi on Reiki, Rehzet on Kabbahlah and Figueroa on Healing--ENJOY!

SIX Magical Individuals  ENLIGHTEN YOUR DAY

Six practitioners of mystism, psychic powers, healing, hypnotism, empowerment, health and fitness inspire today. James Wanless, creator of Voyager Tarot, discovers spiritual guidance, financial fortune, and personal soul-searching for the day. Kathi Kennedi, Hypnotherapist, explores the power of our mind under hypnosis, healing arts of Reiki, and ponders transforming DNA.  

Kabbahlah practitioner, Nina Rezhets combines her magic with Hypnotherapist and Massage Therapist, Teresa Figueroa, introduce Quantum Reprogramming:  Sacred Jouney System of Wellness and Good Feelings. Susie Prudden, a New York Times Best Selling Author of 14 books helps you release blocks, procrastinations so your genius can actively achieve goals.  Richard Sutphen, internationally famed author and teacher demonstrates brain entrainment, channeling, past life regression, astral projection, mind reading and more.

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REFLECTIONS:   Novel about Murder, Identify Confusions and More by Lori Howell

Reflections by Lori Howell

Reflections as a fast reading book that is terrifically exciting pulse-pounding mystery will entwine you in suspense.  A next NY Times Bestseller it is believed.  This novel spiced with romantic enticing erotic scenes remains classy and sophisticated.   Atlantic City is the mobs playland, haunted by secrets, one dares to unveil.  Three murders and their secrets, serial killer -  change a doctor's life.  Dr. Bailey Fairchild, Forensic Anthropologist, relies on her skeleton corpse for her life.  Evidence, DNA, she compiles cements the conviction that SHE is the murderer.  Horror enters her veins pumping fear throughout her body:  across from her latest unveiling: a part she never knew existed, an identical twin.

Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis, drcarolfrancis.com and 310-543-1824 from Los Angeles South Bay, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes Estates & Long Beach. Dr. Carol Francis at facebook, twitter by name.

Author Lori Howell can be reached via www.inawritersmind.com

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Joseph P. Genera, Author, Actor, Activists-Wheel Chair Bound
Recent book:  "Arrested Youth"  Awesome Read

Joseph P. Genera, national public speaker, teen mentor, life-long civil rights advocate, busy actor and book author, conducts his life as an active influencer even though parapalegically confined to a wheel chair lifestyle for the last 30 years. “Never give up, no matter how horrible life's twists and turns might seem,” advises inspirational and civil rights advocate Joseph P. Genera on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show December 10.  Genera provides help for everyone suffering from seriously depressing hardships. Author of a new novel, “Arrested Youth,” Genera discusses rising above the accident that immobilized his legs for 30 years and pursuing acting, teen mentoring, raising children and novel writing.  Joseph Genera's recent romance novel, Arrested Youth, autobiographically portrays beauty and tragedy. His novel is a compelling spin of teen troubles and hopes.  Genera is also founder of MuscleCar-a teen mentoring program teaching life skills through auto restoration.  

Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, drcarolfrancis.com or 310-543-1824 provides services on-line & in person - Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, El Segundo, Long Beach, South Bay Los Angeles areas.

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Sexual Abuse, Catholic Priest, Catholic Church Cover-up
MILLSTONE   * Novel by James R. Dunlap
Revealing Horrifying Truths

Sexual Abuse Awareness Week- "Child Sexual Abuse is nothing new. It remains horrifically part of our "enlightened society."  Whenever children innocently and vunlerably need adult attention, opportunistic adults may "groom" children in their care to become unwilling, manipulated sexual partners.  Parents, remain alert especially when childcare or extra-curricular activities afford adult sexual predators access to lure clueless, trusting children into private locations," explains Dr. Carol Francis.

James R Dunlap, author of Millstone, a thrilling, fast paced, important novel about child sexual abuse, is a parent himself riveted with the damage his son suffered at the hands of a Catholic priest.  

During Sexual Abuse Awareness Week, November 26, 2012, James Dunlap and dedicated supporters release Millstone (The Novel) to reveal these sexual predators and to save children from becoming their next victims.  

Joelle Casteix joins the program today also as the  leading national spokesperson, writer, and advocate for victims of child sexual abuse.  She is also the Western Regional Director for SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Former police officer Tom Townsend joins the show as well.  Having investigated several sexual abuse cases in his career and knowing the impact it has on children even as they grow into adults, Tom Townsend takes every opportunity he can to help prevent it and educate all children to speak out, reveal their abusers and seek help. 

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Modern Woman's Guide to Success with Mal Duane

Mal Duane CRC  is an Alpha Chick extraordinaire. She built a multimillion dollar real estate company from scratch, has a dream marriage, and, as a certified Professional Life and Recovery Coach, is deeply involved with helping women discover and use their connection with the divine power within,  to become their own version of an Alpha Chick. Her life experience, including recovering from a  struggle with alcoholism as a young woman, provided her with extensive  in-the-trenches experience for taking hold of a life and bringing forward the potential that lies buried beneath scars and hurts. In 2007, she built the Katherine Holly School in Mali, West Africa, educating 100 children annually.  She is also the Founder of “Holly’s Gift”, an educational assistance fund for women.  Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power is more than just a roadmap to happiness, success, and fulfillment. It clearly guides you step-by-step in the process of becoming  your own unique brand of  Alpha Chick and sets you on your own path to being the sizzling, empowered woman you are meant to be. Follow Mal’s poignant journey from heartache and addiction, to self-worth and freedom, and learn her simple 5-step formula for transformation:  
F ocus 
A cceptance and Attitude 
I dentification and Intention 
T houghts 
H ealing and Helping 
Dr. Carol Francis can be reached at 310-543-1824 for Consultation for Women's Guide to Success or drcarolfrancis.com located for on-line Skype sessions or in Los Angeles South Bay Area Offices

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Depression, Cigarette Addictions, Holiday Blues-Healing, Overcoming with Dr. Carol Francis - Hypnosis and Meditation Sessions

Depression flattens many--work, family and personal life suffers.  Addiction to cigarettes plagues many as they march down the path to lung and brain cancer, respiratory complications and heart disease.   Holiday Blues are swiftly coming upon us with family conflicts, loss loved ones, divorce, death, loneliness and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) plaguing many.  Weight gain and Winter weather top the show off as Dr. Carol Francis introduces her book: IF YOU CAN"T STOP EATING (http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-carol-francis/if-you-cant-stop-eating-maybe-youre-hungry-reset-your-food-cravings/ebook/product-18559129.html)

In addition, for only $2.99, Dr. Carol Francis offers to smokers a chance to have her books, articles, and videos by easily clicking this link and following the directions.  http://www.facebook.com/StopSmokingSuccessfully/app_374126399298965

Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist & Marriage, Child and Family Therapist serves the Los Angeles area close to Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, San Pedro, El Segundo. 310-543-1824.

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Volunteer Vacations Relieve Depression, Narcissisum, Family Discord - GlobalVolunteers.org

Depression, Anxiety, Narcisissum, or Family division are clear concerns for Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist.  One intervention for all of these complications is volunteering.  Giving to others and Acts of Kindnes are well know for up-lifting people out of their pains.  In addition, volunteering enables those who feel worthless, meaningless and depressed to see their worth in their ability to help others.   Anxiety is reduced also when one gains a perspective on how other's have overcome their adversities.  DrCarolFrancis.com and 310-543-1824.

Volunteer Vacations, such as those offered through Global Volunteers,  also pull families together as they team up to help other communities progress.  Parents bring children to enlighten about their good fortune and ability to help others less fortunate materially or educationally.  Additionally, grandparents bring grandchildren to bond and to increase their grandchildren's social consciousness.  

Global Volunteers  is one organization which encourages cross-culture experiences which can be gained when you volunteer to help teach other languages, reading, build, paint, feed, and interface with children and adults in other parts of the world.     (GlobalVolunteers.org)

Global Volunteers  organizes volunteer opportunities for individuals & families all over the planet.  During this radio show you will hear vignetts from many volunteers who joined my family this summer as they describe their new insights and moving moments while volunteering through Global Volunteers at Browning, Montana on one of the Blackfeet Tribe's Reservations.

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Psychics, Shamans, Mediums, Spiritual Readers-What's This All About - 10 Professionals Tell Their Perspectives & Experiences

Psychologist, Dr. Carol Francis from drcarolfrancis.com seizes the opportunity to interview 10 practitioners, authors and inventors who think outside the traditional boxes of standard health care, spiritual perspectives and experiences.  

This programs is recorded at The Body Mind Spirit Expo. These practitioners of spiritual arts, alternative health, inventors and life coaches have a  plateform to offer their skills to the public.   For those who think outside the box of traditional medicine or traditional faiths, these 10 practitioners, interviewed during this radio show, provide interventions you may find helpful from psychic readings, mediumship, shamanism, sinus accupressure devices, crystals, life coaching, hypnosis, and tarot cards.  Take a moment to become introduced to individuals from other perspectives that might challenge or expand your own.  Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis can be reached for dialogue or assistance at 310-543-1824.  

Interviewees include:  "Sebastian" a Psychic and Spiritual Healer 916-595-4924;  LAI a Psychi and Medium for Pets and Humans 832-646-3297; Keiko Hoshino from Happy Science USA- 626-395-7775; Sue Sorensen inventor of sinus-free pillow-818-840-9009;  Life coach Laura Cazares-626-652-2557; Artist, Author and Clairvoyant Marilyn St Pierre-808-294-6797; Larry and Diane Whelan from Urantia Book Fellowship-626-287-7775; Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Dr. Terry Burssel-1-800-GOAL-NOW; Reiki Master and Gem Intuitive Nancy Gonzalez-909-938-7578; Modern Shaman Matt Toussaint-mattoussaint@modernshamanism.org.

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Health Coaches Nancy and Dave McDowell

Imagine real weight control and optimal health and a happy marriage.  Independent Health Coaches Nancy and Dave McDowell discuss the tools they use to feel great, look great and help others do the same. During this show, Dr. Carol Francis contemplates you may find your optimal way to deal with weight issues and feeling good.  You may even decide that Nancy and Dave McDowell are the Health Coaches who can help you walk into your optimal health.  Also joining us is Steve and Jenny Berg, Health Coach Mentors and friends of Nancy and Dave.  They will explore why their jouney has led to a growing passion to help others not with "just another diet" but with achieving optimal health through a truly attainable lifestyle change.  

Dr. Carol Francis:  drcarolfrancis.com 310-543-1824  drcarolfrancistools4success@gmail.com  

Dave & Nancy McDowell at nancymcdowell.tsfl.com or 541-390-2273 or nmcdowellrn@gmail.com 

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