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*  Remember, after the show is finished, you can send out the copy, URL, Embedding Code, Pictures, Press Releases and any marketing announcements used for your show.    

*In addition, you can make the show into a DVD, CD, or buy the transcript from us (you will need to edit the transcript however as it is only as good as sound quality). 

*Please do send these items to anyone such as on Social Networks, Email Lists, Newsletters, Blogs, Websites. Additionally, you are allowed and encouraged to make CD copies (of the show in its entirety as it is copyrighted) and can sell the CDs or give away free for your own benefit. 

You will need to keep the show in its entirety and with all the noted trademark and copyright and production information intact as well but you are still welcome to sell your CD copies which you make as long as you keep the references to the show intact too.  You can convert the show to a YouTube.com or Vimeo or podcast of your choice as well.  

In addition, we might opt to make the radio show into a Video production as an owner of the show's content in its entirety or part.  We will let you know about any videos Dr. Carol Francis, Inc., (etc.) makes as it will be made available for your use as well. 

If you are selling a book or item, you may also place the URL or embedding code on Amazon reviews, Barnes & Noble reviews, Audible reviews, etc. or other book sites so buyers can hear you in person.

 If you wish to order a transcript, let us know as the cost is nominal and individuals use the transcripts for many purposes. 

We too may turn the contents of the transcripts into any form of written publications with our copyright and you duly noted as source of your information and your ideas and your materials as well.  Our use of the materials may include but not limited to whole or partial inclusions into e-books, published editions, internet sites etc. We will attempt to notify you whenever we use your materials so you can benefit from this information as well but we do not guarantee such.  Please know that your information may dovetail with Dr. Carol Francis previously or simultaneously written, video or audio materials as well and that similarities are not to be considered sourced in our interview.  On the other hand, as it is well-worth quoting sources when developing materials, your interview may be quoted and you sited as a contributor to the field of knowledge as is both reasonable and accurate.  Since in this day and technological information-based-sharing era, very little information is actually novel nor unique (especially in this era of internet and duplicity and synergistic thinking and synchronistic creating), so we do not feel that any guest is the sole creator of an idea unless such is patented, verified by governmental authorities, and we are reasonably informed of such.  We respectfully enjoy giving credit to guests for their ideas and perspectives but are also aware that others might be worthy of such credit too and we believe in the open-source mentality that is currently mainstreamed on internet productions and products. 

If you send books or e-books or partial PDFs we will not send that material to anyone.  That will remain only and solely for the purposes of preparing Dr. Carol Francis for your interview.  We completely wish to respect the efforts, creative energies and financial investment you have put into your writing and publications and do not participate in torrenting, selling, or giving for free your information which you have published or intend to publish.   If Dr. Carol Francis is currently working on a similar topic or book or video, she will freely quote your interview and reference your book title,  but she will ask for your permission to place a quote from your book into her written materials if it is published or sold.  

All programming content and all marketing information we create is copyrighted by Dr. Carol Francis, Inc and associated entities.  

The content is copyrighted by Dr. Carol Francis, Inc., and may appear as an ebook or hard edition in different venues as well. Nonetheless, I grant you permission to use the transcript to help you promote your products, brand, and person as well.

All photos needed for marketing, profiling your interview in any way or in any location are either from you are on the internet and are considered as okayed by you and all your entities for use by Dr. Carol Francis, Inc. in terms of promotion, information, and distribution.  It is preferred that you send appropriate quality and quantity photos of materials and yourself for the show but we will access your information without your permission from any source on the internet and use such.  By being on the show, all uses of your pictures or profile are considered as automatically authorized by all entities of Dr. Carol Francis with no need of further authorization.  

By participating in the programming, you are granting explicit an implicit consent and recognition of all of these guidelines and guidelines mailed or emailed to you. No written, authorized signature is necessary to verify consent since your presence on the show is considered sufficient consent.   

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