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  1. We will be press-releasing the radio show as per normal an as per our discretion and often our marketing is able to reach an average 100,000. We will extensively market the Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show and your topics, books, show with media outlets, social networks and internet connections.  These press releases mentions your topic, your materials, and you based on your information you have provided me.  We do not send that press release to you for editing as it is a press release for the Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show.   However, you will want to provide accurate information from your Biography (200-250 words), subject matter. any resources.  If you have a book, your book or pdf needs to be provided to the show (address 3655 Torrance Blvd., Ste 318, Torrance, CA  90503 or to drcarolfrancisshow@gmail.com).  Please make sure all e-mails have a subject line that includes your name, topic and date of program so it does not get lost in the huge amounts of other e-mails.  

  2. By being on the show you will benefit from the marketing we prepare for this show. Also, by being on the show, you are agreeing to being marketed as part of the show which you will be on at our discretion. We will NOT erase or pull-back our marketing upon your request as it is for our show and at our shows discretion.  If we make a critical mistake, we will go to the effort to correct such but you must make sure you provide clear and accurate information.   

    * You are agreeing to the show being rebroadcasted, recorded, and podcasted extensively at our sole discretion. 

    * Your interview remains the sole property of the Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show  and all related entities, but you can freely and extensively use that interview any way you wish in order to help you with your product, name recognition, message, book and professional identity but you must keep the show's identity and the show's source and the show intact at all times. 

    Interviewees need to place the interview's URL and embedding code on all their Social Media spots, websites, Internet Outlets and Email notices or newsletters before and after the show, thus freely using the show extensively. This is a free tool for you to use to share your message extensively. You are encouraged to use that interview to help you in every way possible to advance your name recognition, your products and your books.

    * Interviewees will also interact with social networking which is on behalf of your particular interview and show on Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Diggs, Twitter, WordPress Blogs, (etc.) which are associated with Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio, Dr. Carol Francis Show, Dr. Carol Francis which will create a better cross checking, SEO for all your sites and materials and shows as well.  So prepare to spend some time with your marketing end of preparing for your show to alert all your followers and ours to know you have amazingly helpful information for them to enjoy, live or podcasts.  

  3. It is expected, because it is great for your interview to go larger, that you too will extensively market the radio show too before the show and after the show. You will be sent the embedding codes after the show airs and the URL before the show to send out to all your folks: Social Networking, Emails, Press Releases you do, Publicists etc. Also, it is expected, because it is awesomely helpful to you and the show, to link with all of our links too so we can create that SEO high profile for your interview and the show. Since your show is always kept on our programming and is always available (unless Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show decides the show needs to be deleted), it is in your best interest to keep those links (Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) active and linked with Dr. Carol Francis, Dr. Carol Francis Show etc.

MARKETING AND COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: Remember, after the show is finished, you can send out the copy to anyone such as on Social Networks, Email Lists, Newsletters, Blogs, Websites. Additionally, you are allowed and encouraged to make CD copies (of the show in its entirety as it is copyrighted) and can sell the CDs or give away free for your own benefit. In addition, I might opt to make the radio show into a Video production as an owner of the show's content in its entirety. You may do so as well for YouTube.com or Vimeo.com. I will let you know about any videos Dr. Carol Francis, Inc., makes as it will be made available for your use as well. If you are selling a book or item, you may also place the URL or embedding code on Amazon reviews, Barnes & Noble reviews, Audible reviews, etc. or other book sites so buyers can hear you in person. If you wish to order a transcript, let me know the cost is nominal and individuals use the transcripts for many purposes. The content is copyrighted by Dr. Carol Francis, Inc., and may appear as an ebook or hard edition in different venues as well. Nonetheless, I grant you permission to use the transcript to help you promote your product as well.

Extended Press Release Assistance and Coverage:


  1. Additionally we offer the opportunity for you to have us prepare a press release which is for your book, the interview or both. There are two prices of releases as described below. This press release will focus on YOU and YOUR products.  

  2. We charge $150.00 for personalized press releases which we submit to our networks, media sources, internet sources (etc.) for authors or professionals when they already have the press releases written and when they need NO editing (250-300 words for describing your message, book, products with 50 words for your professional bio and 25 words for contact information--website, phone numbers and how to order your book, etc. Rules-grammatically correct; NO PERSONAL PRONOUNS such as I, We, You).  Press Releases must be well written, well edited, brief and complete or we must charge for further editing (as there are stricked guidelines) or return your press release for more work.  We are not staffed to provide free advice as to how to write such--sorry.  You might already have professional press releases for your product or book written by your publicists or yourself and you might consider those types of submissions to our work.  These press releases typically reach between 50,000 to 100,000 individuals, media outlets and social networking individuals each time they are submitted.   

    5) We charge $500 if you want us to write the press release for you by consulting your media package or by using the information you provide us.  We then charge $150 to submit such to each our our publicity outlets.  These prices are contingent on our costs and we use the best press release companies available.  You will need to follow through on contacting the internet sources and sites, the media that contacts us back and the social networking announcements we send out.  


    6) These press releases reach usually between 50,000-100,000 total which includes an extensive combination of (1) twitters, facebooks, linkedin (etc), and (2) media contacts --usually over 12,000 for television, radio, newspapers and magazines, and (3) also internet sites which are particular to your topics (health, psychology, self-help, etc.) and (4) audiences which also includes regions (i.e.--if you want west, east, south or north US), and (5) also book review sites from all sources, blogs, media, etc.  

    (7)  Our process is rather extensive and you also would send out these Press-Release announcements to all your contacts, emails, facebook etc.   These press-releases, social media outlets etc, create an amazing SEO optimization for your key links. They also create publicity with media outlets not usually reachable so easily. These press releases place your product, interview, name, and contact information in plan view and discoverable by SEO and Google Bots.   

    8) We use the best press release services and companies available to date and they also reach into international markets with most topics--not all.  They are more expensive than others but well worth it.  The press releases are a great marketing tool and mass exposure tool to help those promoting their materials and professional services.  Press releases can be used for print, website development, publishers and event planners as well.  While we copyright the press releases, you are welcome to use them any where at any time and they remain available on the internet indefinitely.  Press releases do need to retain the integrity of the release and not fragmented obscurely. 

    9) You may not need or want these types of press coverages or marketing campaigns at this point in time.  Your radio interview will be well taken care of whether you opt for this type of further marketing approach or not. No worries. However, if you want to use this extensive marketing program and further use this press release and marketing set of tools, we need to know by the MONDAY two weeks  before your show as it is quite time sensitive and requires much time to prepare.  

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