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Topics of Programming

Listen to some shows or look at the podcast lists for some clarity and details.  

Look to your right.

Exciting, clear, intriguing, helpful, moving, inspiring, healing, well researched, enjoyable, lively, interesting, diverse, broad scoped, organized, passionate would describe our guests and their approach to presenting their topics.  

Whether authors, professionals, life-smart or street-smart, the guests have expertise and verifications enabling listeners grow in health, knowledge, solutions, direction and passions about life. 

In the box and out of the box topics are all part of life and are encouraged.  

Three major categories include:  Success Tools, Health & Life Style Tools and Topics of Curiosity. 

Of course, it helps if you are published or well-known in your field(s) and yes, you need to be well rehearsed, ready to answer prepared questions and be extemporaneous with novel questions too.   Practice if you are not experienced--tape yourself and improve your voice quality, your musical tone of voice, your speed of delivery (faster is better with radio--not too fast and pauses cause radio listeners a moment of dissatisfaction, unconsciously--so no pauses even if you are buying time with some verbalizations).  

Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show will send guests a short helpful set of information once your show is scheduled.  She will also ask questions that are in dialogue form most of the time, which gives you a chance to collect your thoughts about the topic.  The show is a DIALOGUE not a monologue but be prepared to provide a lot of information. 

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