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We love dynamic individuals who will make a difference either by raising issues with solutions, entertaining us with fiction and novels, espousing a different set of tools for success, keys for life, vision for soulful or spiritual pursuits, direction for social concerns needing to be recognized.  We care about changing society, improving the human condition, raising consciousness, creating joy and laughter, or heightening fitness and health.  

If you have services, books, programs, projects and have proved yourself in your professional field or area of interest, than we would love to share your stories and knowledge. 

MARKETING:  If you are interested in more marketing, we have a great marketing program as well that includes MASS marketing to media outlets including television production teams, news teams, newspaper outlets, magazine outlets, radio outlets, internet outlets, SEO enhancements, Social Networking.  Many of our shows which participate in these marketing outreaches have over 200,000 diverse individuals and media outlets contacted on behalf of our show and your services. 

COPYRIGHT/TRADEMARKS:  All shows are under our copyrights and trademarks, and we opt to use shows in a number of ways that promote our products and services.  You too can use these shows without copyright violation concerns making CDs, E-Books, Radio Syndications of your Interview etc.  We ask, actually insist, that no one else but you or us make any money off these shows--that is a stated copyright and trademark violation-- no others can make money from these two entities (only you and Dr. Carol Francis, Inc. and associated Dr. Carol Francis entities).  Its our hard and creative work!!  Thanks for the respect.  

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